The International Preservation Trades Workshop is the only annual event in North American which brings the foremost practitioners of the traditional trades together in a single venue dedicated to sharing the skills and knowledge of all of the trades employed in conservation of the built environment. Explore our public website to learn more about the many opportunities for learning and sharing at PTN events throughout the year.

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    • April 13, 2018
    • 8:30 AM
    • April 14, 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • Old Norborne Cemetery, Martinsburg, WV
    • 41

    Overview: This 2-day workshop will provide basic and advanced information and skills for people who are interested in preserving historic gravestones and cemetery monuments. The workshop will provide hands-on instruction and preservation treatments required on stone or markers located in Old Norborne Cemetery. 

    April 13th: Will focus on advanced techniques used in the preservation of a significant angel figure which has been severely damaged. Work will include replacing/attaching broken pieces, pinning, mortar and epoxy repairs, and composite stone repairs. 

    April 14th: Will focus on the basic cemetery preservation techniques and will focus on cleaning, resetting and realignment.  Additional composite repairs will be completed from previous days work. 

    The event is raising funds for the Christopher P Robinson International Preservation Trades Exchange Scholarship which will fund preservationists to travel overseas to expand their skills and knowledge. The instructors are donating there time and services, & Atlas Preservation is donating all supplies.

     * Moss Rudley: National Park Service, Historic Preservation Training Center 

     * Jonathan Appell: Atlas Preservation Inc.

     * Location: Old Norborne Cemetery, 127 W. South Street, Martinsburg, West Virginia                              

    * Cost : One Day $100,  Two Day $185.00. Lunch will be provided. 

    * Contact Info:

     Moss Rudley:  phone: 304-261-1748

    Jon Appell: phone- 860-558-2785

    * Registration/ Payment::, or checks made to PTN co/ CRMSF, or pay at event

    Treatments that will be conducted:

    * Gravestone cleaning will be discussed, demonstrated & performed. Fragile stones can be harmed if cleaned aggressively. Safe cleaning techniques will be conducted.

    * Re-setting of a tablet-stone, which is badly leaning, and or in a sunken condition.

    * We will disassemble and then re-construct a multi-piece monument. This will involve discussion on some material options. The process includes re-leveling the base stone, removal of all joining material, applying boding materials, lowering upper element into base stone safely, and properly re-grading around the stone.

    * The attendees will also learn how to join broken gravestone fragments together employing stone epoxy, clamping and bracing techniques and options.

    * We will discuss the pros and cons of drilling and employing blind pinning.

    * An overhead, lifting tripod will be assembled and employed. We will discuss slings and rigging options, and then rig and lift a large monument of some type, which is in need or re-setting due to being unstable or is already fallen.

    * Over view materials & process involved in replacing eroded or lost stone with composite infill material. This includes preparation, application, curing of mortars, color matching, etc.

    * The process and potential need for consolidation of weak and decayed gravestones will be explained. The problems associated with sealing historic gravestones will be covered.

    • April 17, 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • April 19, 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • 306 Wilcox Road, Oxford, NY

    Before David Hayles leaves on his around the world two year bicycle tour he will be offering a three day hands-on workshop on scagliola at The Scagliola Research Centre in Oxford, New York.  David will work with participants to further their understanding of the production and maintenance of both traditional and modern scagliola. Scagliola is gypsum plaster, warm water, glue, and different pigments that are mixed to create a finish that can be polished to resemble an artificial marble.  It can be seen around the world in castles, theaters, courthouses, churches, and federal buildings as panels and columns.

    David has been experimenting and practicing the art of scagliola since the 1960s and established Hayles and Howe in 1978 in Bristol, England. He is known as one of the leading experts in scagliola, is a greatly loved presenter in the preservation trades, and was the recipient of the 2015 Askins Award. In the last few years he has published The Magic of Scagliola and Confessions of an Ornamental Plaster.

    Workshop will be taking place at Beaver Palace Studios which is the studio and farm that David and his lovely wife Angelique have built over the last two decades. They have built their home, studio, workshop, walls, and koi pond with a mixture of traditional methods and the reuse of modern materials. The workshop will be held under a tent to allow for work space for all the participants.  This workshop is a once in a lifetime experience by learning from David at his home the craft that he has spent decades mastering.

    The size of the workshop is limited to allow for one on one instruction with David and at the end of the workshop participants will have pieces they have worked on during the workshop to take home with them. Participants will be able to finish up projects on Friday morning if needed. It is strongly recommended that you register early to reserve your spot. There will be no additional spots offered to allow for as much individual instruction as possible.


    Since workshops and conferences fill quickly, please sign up as early as possible. If you need to withdraw from an event, you must inform the organizer in writing via email

    Cancellations more than 30 days prior to an event will be fully refunded less a $30 administrative fee. No refunds will be available for cancellations within 30 days of the event

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